New decade (still time to pay the fee)

Hey there!

It is now time for some people to pay the LBK fee again. For some, it’s also time to pay for cabinets again. Check the lists on the forum to see if you have paid.

The price is just like before 250 SEK for half year and 500 SEK for full year. Cabinets are SEK 100 for half the year or SEK 200 for the whole year.

Payment is made to:

Plus giro: 43 39 61-0


Swish: 1232328631

You must enter your name plus what you pay for (eg your Name LBK- full year + 1 cabinet half year) in the message field when you pay.

LBK is part of the Dragon’s Den Gaming Association. When you pay the fee to LBK, you also become a member of Dragon’s Den (if you aren’t already). Register at the link ( by filling in your information (so that you can vote at the annual meeting, etc. … if you happen to be young you can also generate grant money for the association) .