Fees and Rules

To use Little Brother Kevin’s venue you have to pay a fee. The fee can be paid for half year or full year (a calendar year, not a year from the day you pay). You pay by depositing money at Plusgiro: 43 39 61-0 or pay via Swish to number 123 23 28 631. Write your name (not your username) and what you buy in the message box (eg your name LBK- full year + 1 cabinet half year).

LBK is part of the Dragon’s Den Gaming Association. When you pay the fee for LBK, you also become a member of Dragon’s Den (if you weren’t already). You must also registeras a member here!

Half a year – SEK 250:
Solved for the periods 1 January to 30 June (half year 1) or 1 July to 31 December (half year 2).
Your payment is valid for the current six-month period (calendar year).

Full year – SEK 500:
Solved for two (2) six-month periods (calendar months) in a row. This can extend over a year-end if you pay during the second half-year period of one year.

One-day ticket – SEK 50:
If you have not paid the fee and are at the venue to participate in games, tournaments or other activities, you can pay for a single day. Payment will then be made to the venue manager, either in cash or thru Swish.

If you do not intend to renew your right to use the venue, you are welcome to notify the administrative manager, Jacob Karlsson, via mail (jacob.karlsson1986 [at] gmail.com) or PM on the forum (username Yabob) so you do not get constant reminders that you haven’t paid and so the administrative manager can focus his energy on other things than chasing you.

Cabinet – 100 SEK / half year:
If you pay LBK’s fee there is the possibility to rent one (1) cabinet at the venue. The payment is valid for the current calendar year, regardless of when you pay. Of course, you can pay for the whole year at once. In that case you will pay SEK 200. Do not forget to inform the administrative manager which cabinet you have chosen to rent (which is available). If you move from Linköping then inform manager if you are no longer using your cabinet so others who want to rent cabinets will have the opportunity.

Little Brother Kevin is not responsible for miniatures and items stored inside and outside the cabinets, it is just a service offered to avoid having to carry the miniatures and the likes between the venue and your home every time you want to play.

Emptying of your cabinet, if you do not want to rent it anymore, must be done before the period expires. Anything that remains in the cabinet after this and despite reminders will accrue to LBK as a club and may be freely managed by the club as it deems appropriate.


The following rules apply at the venue:

  • Swedish law applies at the venue (for more information see Sweden’s law).
  • We are nice to each other (or at least civilized).
  • There are trash cans, put your junk there. Empty the trash if you are the last to leave the venue (if they are full or contain food waste / food packaging)!
  • Do not wear outdoor shoes at the venue.
  • The ventilation can be switched on and off with a timer inside the front door. Please do (it runs on electricity).
  • In the kitchen / hall there is a bag for deposit bottles. Put your deposit bottles in it.
  • Do not leave your things lying around in the room. If you have a cabinet they should be there, otherwise they will be at home. It is ok to store things at the venue for a short time if you have a hard time getting the stuff home.
  • Keep the venue decently clean.
  • You must not smoke in the courtyard. Walk out to the street.
  • Make sure the lights are turned off and that nothing that goes on power is on (that includes the ventilation) if you are the last to leave the venue.
  • Wash after yourself! If you are the last person, make sure dirty dishes are washed (even if it is not yours). Point fingers at your sloppy friends the next time you meet them.

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