Tournaments at LBK

At LBK there are regular tournaments in different games. 40k tournaments are held several times every year as the LBK tour (which in 2018 passed 40 completed tournaments). Periodically it will be held once a month. The equivalent of Age of Sigmar is the Ostrogothian Onslaught which is held less regularly. There are also tournaments in Dust, Malifaux, Middle- earth Strategy Battle Game, Warmachine and Hordes and some others at regular intervals.

When the tournaments are held in LBK’s local, they are small because of the available space (max. 18-20 players, which is what there is room for in terms of tables). The tournaments often serve as training before major tournaments or as testing of the format for DefCon and LinCon. Any conceivable arrangement can occur.

More information on current tournaments can be found on the forum or at each game more nationwide forum.